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Joomla Web Development, Web Design and Video Production, based in Glasgow, Scotland.


Eyespace Digital Marketing

With Eyespace we believe that a fluid mix of marketing is required to full optimise the potential reach of your website. Online digital marketing is not an exact science with guaranteed outcomes, but we can guarantee to raise the profile of your business across all channels. This includes Google search, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We will also ensure that the content on your site is written with good SEO practise taken into account.

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Eyespace Joomla Web Development

At Eyespace we design websites using the Joomla Content management system, this includes development of Ecommerce websites. We can also provide training to help you update and maintain your website once complete. All of our websites are SEO friendly, have google analytics reporting as standard, and come with £50 of adwords vouchers to kickstart  the marketing of your website. 

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Web Design

Our Website designs are also produced using the Joomla content management system. This provides the flexibility to design everything from a small website to promote a small organisation or group, right through to fully featured web designs with rich multimedia including web video and photographs - all of which we can provide

A short look through our website and you can view many examples of websites with video and photographs by eyespace. In addition to this we can also provide web hosting for websites which we have built.

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Video production

We film and edit HD video throughout Scotland using DLSR cameras, and we also produce engaging video content to place on websites, youtube or facebook pages, or any other delivery method needed.
Eyespace also produce video for weddings, music videos and corporate or community based short video films.
We also design graphics for printing, and can produce original music for use on built websites or promotional videos which we produce form our base in Glasgow.

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 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Email us direct and we will reply to you today.

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Find a video solution with Eyespace. Video for website, YouTube or Facebook.

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We think the best way to promote ourselves, is to leave it to our clients. This way you can be sure youre getting a real opinion on our quality. Have a look for yourself...

sage-pay-partner-logoSagePay Partner

Eyespace are happy to be  an approved partner of SagePay. We work closely with them to ensure secure integrate of our Ecommerce websites.